Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adding Reiki into your meditation routine (for Reiki practitioners)

If you meditate, AND you happen to be attuned to Reiki, adding a bit of Reiki into your meditation practice may be a way to add a bit of "spark" to your ho-hum meditation routine.

So, you might ask, how does one add Reiki into meditation?
It's simple, really.  Below are a few suggestions to get you started with ideas as to how to incoropate these two lovely practices into one:

1) Clear and set the space with the Reiki symbols.

In the same way that you would set and clear a space before a Reiki session, you can also set and clear a space before you meditate.  This can allow for you to gain better insights into yourself when the room is no longer cluttered with other people's thoughts and energies.

First, hold the intention of clearing and cleaning the room of negative energies, and to bring in positive, healing energies.  Next draw the Choku Rei on the ceiling, walls and floor.  Then, draw the Sei Heiki on the ceilings, walls and floor.  Finally, draw the Choku Rei one last time on these same surfaces.  If you like, light a candle, and begin your meditation practice.

2) Use a Reiki symbol as the focus of your awareness.

Choose a Reiki symbol that appeals to you---the Power Symbol or Choku Reiki is always an excellent symbol to start with.  Now, bring your mind to the image of this symbol.  You can also say the name of the symbol.  From here, you can use the image of the symbol as your focus for the mediation practice in the same way you focus on your breath or come back to a mantra when you start to become lost in your thoughts.  You can imagine breathing in the symbol, and exhaling the symbol.  Alternatively, if you mediate with a mala, you can chant the name of symbol 108 times---once for each bead on the mala.

Really you can be creative--the key is to use the symbol in the same way you would any other image, object of mantra in a meditation practice---as a focus of attention, and a way to help you stay present--by coming back to the symbol each time your mind strays.

3)  Reiki yourself as you meditate.

This is perhaps the most simple way to incorporate Reiki into your meditation practice.  Simply ask for the Reiki to flow before beginning your meditation practice.  Then, simply place your hands on either your stomach, chest, or legs, and intend for the Reiki to flow as you meditate.  Easy, simple, powerful, effective.

4) Send distance Reiki as a form of lovingkindness practice

For those who practice Metta or lovingkindness meditation, you can use distance Reiki as a way to send yourself and others a form of lovingkindness.  You must be a level II practitioner in order to do this practice---simply follow the steps for sending long distance Reiki, and then offer the Reiki as a form of kindness to whomever you are choosing to that day. 

5) Be creative

There are so many of you that have amazingly wonderful ideas of how to incorporate more Reiki into different life routines.  I encourage you to experiment in order to discover other ways to enhance your meditation practice!

Have some great ideas already?  Please post in the comment below!

In light,

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