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Friday, August 28, 2009

Does "distance Reiki" work?

This is a very good and very common question. After all, common sense would tell most people that healing energy can't be sent from a distance, right? That you can only receive it if you're present, in the room, with the practitioner doing the treatment on you... But this is SOOOO NOT true. Distance Reiki treatments work. Period.

If you remember that we are all connected energetically, as Quantum Physics has shown, it really makes sense that one can send Reiki to a person across the room, your town or even across the world.

The fabulous thing about Reiki is that even if you don't believe that Reiki works, it still does. This is the same for Reiki distance healing.

I will admit that when I was first attuned to Reiki and learned about doing distance Reiki treatments, I was skeptical; however, after doing just the first distance treatment I knew they worked. I could feel the energy strongly flowing out my hands and being propelled to the person I was sending it to. Not only that, but after doing it several times for individuals who had profound results, I was more assured that the Reiki I was sending was in fact being received.

However, I thought I would included a link to another article about distant Reiki so you can read another practitioner's experience. Click HERE for that article.

The bottom line is this: Reiki works, whether in person or long distance, the results are the same. I know this because I have experienced this with my clients and my friends who I've given in person AND long-distance Reiki treatments to.

Pretty amazing stuff, Reiki.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reiki Experiences---what is normal and what is not?

Today I was reflecting back on the Green Festival I participated in back in May of this year.

First of all, what an amazing event! It was filled with lots of like-minded individuals, focused on helping the planet and trying to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. I was honored to have been a part of that.

I was located in a Holistic Body Wellness booth with an acupuncturist and a massage therapist. All of us were giving small sessions of what we do--so I was giving short Reiki sessions.

Many people approached our booth with curiosity about Reiki and very few had ever had a Reiki session. Even though the sessions I gave were typically only 10 minutes long, people walked away with profound experiences---experiences of well-being, floating, and even walking away with a pain relief! I again, was honored to have been able to offer the gift of Reiki to these individuals. A few people didn't really experience much above and beyond being relaxed and one individual even kept waiting for me to "start"--she was expecting a massage of some sort and not just resting my hands on her person to let the Reiki flow.

So, this got me to thinking about what Reiki is for each person. It's normal and most common to get a very relaxed feeling and walk away with an overall feeling of well being. However, it is also normal to not feel much at all. This is where people worry that "nothing is happening." This is far from the truth. I have worked with individuals who didn't notice much during a Reiki session, but later realized the pain they had been experiencing before the treatment was completely gone. You see, it's a very personal experience.

But, most people want to feel something during a Reiki session---so, first let me iterate that even if you feel NOTHING during a session, the Reiki is indeed flowing and working to remove those energetic blocks in your body. The only reason you may not be feeling anything is because either:

1) You don't resonate energetically with the practitioner

This doesn't mean anything is wrong with either one of you---it's just how sometimes you "click" with someone---same goes vibrationally. The Reiki still does it's job, but you may not feel much of a connection with the practitioner.

2) You have less sensitivity to the Reiki energy.

Again, NOTHING is wrong with you---many people are not as sensitive to the feel of Reiki as others. The Reiki still works just as well on you, and you can/will reap benefits of its healing nature, but you may not FEEL it during a session like a more sensitive person does. Keep getting the treatments, though, they are SOO worth it.

Okay, so that's my two cents.

Have a lovely day---do something nice for yourself today!

And for more questions and answers about Reiki, including articles on the subject, check out my website:

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reiki for sleep

Reiki has a very relaxing effect. In fact, I've had more than one client doze off during a Reiki treatment.

For this reason, doing a self Reiki treatment is a great way to start your slumber. Some people like to do a full Reiki treatment, but I take the "short-cut" and simply ask for the Reiki to flow and then place a hand over my heart and one on my stomach and drift off to sleep. Very relaxing and easy to do.

For those that have a hard time sleeping in general, it may be beneficial to do a whole self-treatment, perhaps even purchasing a guided Reiki meditation to help you doze off. I-tunes actually offers a free Reiki meditation podcast. Search the I-tunes store and you should be able to find it.

Or my own friend and Reiki Master, Lisa Guyman, has a beautiful Reiki guided meditation can find it here


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charging your bath water with Reiki

I love to take baths---I find that they not only cleanse me physically, but emotionally and spiritually. There is something comforting about the hot water and the waves and ripples of the bath water over your skin.

So, it would only make sense to make the bathwater even more healing and uplifting by charging it with Reiki.

It's simple and easy.

To do this you should be attuned to at least the 2nd degree level of Reiki (as it will require symbols from that level)

Charging Bathwater with Reiki

Step 1: Fill bathtub with hot water to desired level

Step 2: Take a deep breath and center yourself. Draw the Mental Healing Symbol (Sei He Ki) over the bathwater while repeating the symbol's name three times (either aloud or to yourself). The Sei He Ki not only helps with charging the water with Reiki, but acts as a "cleansing" tool and clears away any negativity as well.

Step 3: Draw the power symbol (Choku Rei) over the water and on the palms of your hands while repeating it's name three times (either aloud of to yourself)

Step 4: Opening the palms of your hands, "beam" the Reiki from the palms of your hands into the water while imagining a rainbow of Reiki energy permeated the water. Do so for anywhere from a few minutes to several, depending on your preference.

Step 5: Dip your hands into the water to help distribute the Reiki energy througout the whole of the water.

Step 6: Give thanks for the Reiki

Step 7: Optional: A cup or two of sea salt added to the water will help cleanse your aura and remove any negative debris from your being.

Step 8: Take the bath! Enjoy! Perhaps use this time to meditate or just read a good book as the water encompasses your being.

Everyday uses for Reiki...

So, as I was getting ready to sleep the other night I was considering some new ideas of what to put on this blog---something that I would want to read and I came to the conclusion that rather than going on and on about the benefits of Reiki (which are many!) I should give some practical appliations for the those who are already attuned to the energy--and perhaps spark interest for those who are not.

Thus beings my new blog (and new name of blog)-Reiki for Everyday.

I hope you enjoy the posts on here, and feel free to ask questions or leave comments at the end of any posting.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Using the tools you have...

I have recenlty been working with my 11 month old, chihuahua-mix puppy on behavioral issues he has had since I first adopted. He was the runt of the litter and almost didn't survive therefore has some fear issues. He has always been fine with me, but has fear surrounding other humans and dogs. I

I finally reached out to a great Denver area trainer to help me train Bo-Bo to be less fearful (and not bark at every other dog and human he encounters.)

The training itself went well and I learned a lot! As the trainer, Tracy, drove us (me & Bo-Bo) back to my apartment from the dog park w, Tracy and I began to discuss my Reiki business. She immediately suggested to me that I use Reiki on Bo-Bo! That it would really help him. This was a big "Duh" moment for me. Of course! Reiki works well with assisting animals with trials of the spirit just as much if not more so than with humans.

It struck me at that moment how quickly we "spiritual people" who work in the realm of energy medicine (such as Reiki) forget the tools we carry around day to day and don't use them as much as we should. I was happy to have that wake-up call about other tools I had to help Bo-Bo become a happier and more balanced pup.

So, I wanted to share this message: Instead of always looking outward when faced with a problem, look inward first. We all have the means to help ourselves and others around us--sometimes it just takes a little reminder or kind nudge from a friend or dog-trainer (as in my case--lol) to realize what we have to offer.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't reach out to others when in need--definitely NOT. When you're sick you should see a doctor,etc, but often times we are faced with challenges that we can ease on her own. It just takes a moment to look into you "inner spiritual vault" to figure out what tool are in there to help you on your journey.

Until next time...many blessings!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Reiki for Depression

It's January--it's cold outside--it's cloudy and snowing...sound familiar?

Winter is definitely not the happiest time of year. With winter (in the colder climates) comes lack of outdoor activity and for some people, seasonal depression. I, myself, suffer from this some years and it makes surviving the winter a different kind of ballgame.

In this day and age there are lots of options to help heal depression--from prescription meds to fish oil to exercise. I think an individual should definitely seek help by either a doctor, therapist or even family when suffering from this silent illness--but I also think one should try to approach the depression in several different ways using several different modalities--healing the mind & spirit.

Reiki can assist in healing one from depression--in fact, Reiki is an excellent resource in depression relief as it removes "blocks" of energy that get stuck in the body. These blocks can lead to depression among other things. So by seeing a Reiki practitioner or if you are attuned to the Reiki energy, by giving self-treatments on a regular basis, the depression should begin to lift and a light at the end of the tunnel will appear---happiness!

For those interested in studies related to Reiki I will post a link to a study below. It's astounding what has been found! In one study, where individuals suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) received Reiki treatments to assist in pain relief and depression relief (among other things)--the study found that out of 36 patients--87% experienced a reduction in depression! Pretty impressive and worth a try. This is just ONE example---but there are numerous studies out there--it takes some digging through Medical Research Journals--but they are there for those who want to seek them out.

Below is the link to the study for you to peruse---I encourage people to do the research about Reiki's healing abilities---Reiki works.

Reiki Study Link

Friday, January 9, 2009

Moving Energy...

So I have come across something I had not experienced until recently: physical displays of Reiki energy moving through a client or what is termed as "Kriyas" or "Streaming".

For those new to Reiki and how it works; the "layman's" description of what Reiki is renowned for is moving blocks of energy through and out of the body. This results in healing of all kinds of ailments. However, I have never actually seen such dramatic responses to Reiki energy as a kriyas until a few weeks ago.

From what I have learned a kriya is a sudden body jerk or reflex as the energy moves through the body. It looks similar to the body jerks one would see if your partner was falling asleep and suddenly jolts--a bit shocking, but not harmful at all.

Apparently, some individuals are very open to the energy of Reiki and therefore have more physical displays as it moves energy through the body. This can also take place in yoga--and it's a good thing! It means your receptive to the energy and are probably greatly benefiting from it.

In some more extreme cases one may "stream" and the whole body moves almost like a wave for up to an hour. No harm is caused--the exact opposite. It's like waves of the Reiki are rapidly moving out negative energy and it will lead to major emotional, physical or spiritual transformation in the client it happens to.

I would be interested in studying and learning more about this phenomena and as I find out more I will definitely share.

Until next time. Many blessings and be well!