Friday, August 28, 2009

Does "distance Reiki" work?

This is a very good and very common question. After all, common sense would tell most people that healing energy can't be sent from a distance, right? That you can only receive it if you're present, in the room, with the practitioner doing the treatment on you... But this is SOOOO NOT true. Distance Reiki treatments work. Period.

If you remember that we are all connected energetically, as Quantum Physics has shown, it really makes sense that one can send Reiki to a person across the room, your town or even across the world.

The fabulous thing about Reiki is that even if you don't believe that Reiki works, it still does. This is the same for Reiki distance healing.

I will admit that when I was first attuned to Reiki and learned about doing distance Reiki treatments, I was skeptical; however, after doing just the first distance treatment I knew they worked. I could feel the energy strongly flowing out my hands and being propelled to the person I was sending it to. Not only that, but after doing it several times for individuals who had profound results, I was more assured that the Reiki I was sending was in fact being received.

However, I thought I would included a link to another article about distant Reiki so you can read another practitioner's experience. Click HERE for that article.

The bottom line is this: Reiki works, whether in person or long distance, the results are the same. I know this because I have experienced this with my clients and my friends who I've given in person AND long-distance Reiki treatments to.

Pretty amazing stuff, Reiki.

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email.axelg said...

Inspiring post!

At first, it's hard to believe that distance healing actually works.

It's even more difficult to imagine distance reiki attunements...

But your attention directs energy.

So, mindfulness practice is a great way to improve your reiki skills.

All the best